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Organizations must take proactive measures with people, processes, and technology to keep information safe and secure. This infographic, created by HIMSS and the National Cyber Security Alliance, provides healthcare organizations and their workforce members with practical tips on how to safeguard information. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Lost or stolen mobile devices are a growing problem. Breaches hurt organizational goodwill and may result in penalties. Regularly and thoroughly assess and manage risks. Use data loss prevention technology. Encrypt data in transit and at rest. Download the Hospital of the Future white paper.

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Real-time communications are a vital component of how we make everything connect across healthcare facilities, optimizing the care pathway for patients and clinical staff. Here are the benefits:. We enable you to connect your patients, staff and healthcare ecosystem, delivering technology that works, across and beyond your facilities. With our global reach and local focus, we deliver specialized networking and communications for healthcare providers, to optimize the care pathway and enhance patient outcomes. How do you meet the growing need for a reliable, fast wireless network for patients, guests and clinicians alike, in the face of growing network traffic and The cloud-based collaboration app that connects your healthcare ecosystem.

For increased security and intelligence around healthcare facilities, LBS provides patients and visitors with indoor navigation tools, and hospitals with asset Read how KMPT supports hospital staff and patient care with increased mobility, reliable wireless, and centralized network administration. Emirates Specialty Hospital stays ahead of the competition with a new converged network foundation supporting state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, applications and services.

Thanks to its new converged network, which supports medical excellence and patient safety across multiple sites, Medcare can offer patients a 5-star experience. How digital mobility enables care givers to deliver improved patient care and outcomes, while also improving the overall experience for patients. Information in healthcare is like oxygen.

Healthcare technology systems are like the complex systems of the body and are just as vital to patient care delivery and survival. In the healthcare industry, smart solutions can free up clinician time and save money, to deliver the best possible patient care.

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Digital transformation is changing the hospital experience. A fully connected hospital network provides a means to link patients, health professionals and machines, improving workflows and optimizing the care pathway.

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Connectivity is at the heart of the network that connects people and machines to redefine care delivery. A practical guide to optimizing the care pathway for hospitals by developing an ideal network infrastructure. The combination of social networks, mobile internet, data lakes and information warehouses — all made accessible as a Service from the cloud. Clinicians are looking at EMRs and making diagnoses on the go, patients and visitors want Wi-Fi internet connectivity and administrative staff are increasingly….

Discover how we connect your patients, staff and healthcare ecosystem by delivering technology that works across and beyond facilities. ALE Digital Age Networking provides a network foundation to deliver comprehensive mobility and guest services.

Healthcare Solutions for a connected experience

Learn how communications technology can help hospitals and medical facilities to cope with extreme circumstances. Improve the patient experience while helping clinical and administrative staff optimize care delivery. Find out about the four healthcare major digital challenges: IoT, mobility, digital health, and security. Check the status of all your ALE network switching products, warranties and service contracts at a glance. The foundation of a successful enterprise phone system for medium, large and very large-sized companies.

Enhance real-time situational awareness and personal safety by linking alarm devices together with a single, centralized notification platform. The IoT is coming, and bringing a tsunami of data with it. Is your infrastructure ready to ride the wave - or will it go under? Imagine a single communications environment where everything connects. Enjoy faster responses, greater efficiency and a personalized experience. Evolutions in mobility and the IoT are directly impacting network infrastructure, driving enterprises to fundamentally reconsider their technology choices.

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Online tools can help users work together — but only if the tools themselves work. Our research suggests B2B collaboration has a long way to go. Cloud-based CPaaS models are changing the way enterprises communicate, develop new services, and interact with customers.

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See the role of connectivity in healthcare. Our vision of the Hospital of the Future Innovations are changing the hospital experience into a connected revolution. Here are the benefits: Higher patient satisfaction during calls, appointments and hospital stays for acute, chronic or long-term conditions.