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She was only 39 years old.

But, as Greg said last night, "That's why we have to pray, and dance. I also got to meet some VONA folks, who'd just finished up their first week of workshops. My girl E. I'm sore and a little tired today but not hung over, I realized a long time ago that alcohol makes me too tired to really enjoy the dancing , but in a good way. Much love and thanks to all the people that made yesterday happen, and who are spreading the love and good vibes far and wide.

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How to Set The Beat On Your Pendulum Clock - The Clock Depot

Try for the most even tick-tock and the grandfather clock will keep running for a long, long time. We have a grandmother clock that the pendulum keeps stopping.. Hi Jennifer, There are a few areas that commonly cause this and you may be able to correct it. Check to make sure the level on the from front to back is good.

If the clock is too high on the back, it can cause the pendulum to drag on the weights stopping the clock. If it is too high in the front, it may be touching the chime rods again causing it to stop.

If it not one of these issues, it might be time to get a good clock tech to take a look. It may need cleaning and oiling and this is an area where you really need a pro. Good Luck, Robert. I have always loved the clock and the wonderful sounds it makes. I followed your instructions and had the clock up and running in one day. Dead on time and I just cannot thank you enough. Thank you. My clock has not worked in 20 years.

I Just moved into a new house and was determined to get it working. This morning I woke up to it. I am so glad you were able to get it working again on your own. We hope it will keep going for many years. Robert Pearson. Just bought a newer Ethan Allen grandfather clock at auction. Got a great deal!! Your suggestion got it going again. Enjoy the clock for many years. Please keep us in mind for any future needs. Inherited a Pearl grandfather clock from my parents. Not sure how many years since it worked, but we just moved it from Florida to Missouri in January weights and pendulum removed.

It is set up and I believe level. I set the time using the minute hand, of course and wound it. After giving the pendulum a push, nothing happened: no tick-tock, no hand advancement. It appears a visit from a professional clockmaker may be needed, but wonder if you have any ideas I might try first. Thank you for your informative articles.

Hi Doug…It is difficult to set the beat if you cannot hear the clock ticking. I believe it best to contact a repair agent where they may be able to help you. My wife inherited an antique wall clock from her grandmother who just passed at The clock made the move well but the pendulum stopped after five or so minutes. Your great information, enabled me to level the clock and get the beat correct. Hello Mike…We are glad this worked for you. This is the primary reason many key wound wall clocks do not function after they are moved from one location to another.

Let us know when you are ready when you need more Wall Clocks. Thank You, Robert. Thank you so much for your advice as i never knew a clock had to be level from front to back, I put a little piece of folded paper under the front edge and now my clock is level and working perfect.

Thank you so much for this guidance, our clock is from the and left to me by my mother, we had to transport it from the UK to Australia and for over 3 years it has sat in silence as I could never get it started. Btw it was all about the beat of the clock and your video did it. Now running perfectly. Thank You. I knew something was awry with my stalling Grandmother clock when it was going tick-tock—tick-tock—tick-tock.

All it took was your post and video and a little nudge of the pendulum hanger to restore the beat and continuous running. Thank you so much. This is an excellent tutorial on correcting the issue of the Pendulum stopping. I have a Regulator wall clock that was operating fine until just recently.

After tinkering with I broke my suspension spring which I am now replacing. After getting my new spring installed I now know how to set the beat to keep it from stopping in the future. Hi Thank you for this. I have my clock working again.

Environmental Risk Tolerance: The Pendulum is Swinging

The only thing is that it needs to be sloped 1 cm. Inside it looks as if the mechanism is not quite straight judging from how the pendulum falls. Yet, the basic physics behind how they work always remains the same.

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  • How to Use a Pendulum.

A simple pendulum can be made with a string and a weight hung from a single point. Other material can be used for the string, such as a rod or wire.

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The weight, which is called a bob, can be of any weight. Galileo's experiment of dropping two cannon balls of different weights illustrates this. Objects of different mass accelerate under the force of gravity at the same rate. When the pendulum is hanging still, the wire and weight are straight and at a degree angle to the Earth as gravity pulls the string and the weight to the Earth. Inertia causes the pendulum to stay at rest unless a force causes it to move.