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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had the Thuggee. Children of the Corn has a community of children who have killed everyone over 19 in their community and worship "He Who Walks Behind the Rows", who it turns out is quite real.

Silent Hill has a Manichean-type religion with Puritanical Christian overtones and apparently worships a goddess. It is not the same cult from the game series. Mouth to Mouth is based on director Alison Murray's actual experiences with a cult made up of homeless teenagers who want to stop using drugs and seek to change the world.

Bubble Boy has a cult of cheery people led by none other than Fabio. The cult even has all members with the same name, similar to the King of the Hill example. The Sacrament has journalists documenting their effort to save a coworker's sister from a Jonestown-like group.

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Sound of My Voice is about two documentarians infiltrating and getting sucked into a mysterious cult led by a young woman who claims that she's from a post-apocalyptic future. Martha Marcy May Marlene has a young woman escaping a religious cult and trying to reorient herself in the everyday world. X-Men: Apocalypse : Moira informs Charles and Alex that cults began to sprang up after the public discovered the existence of mutants, and some of these secret societies believe those with special abilities are part of a Second Coming.

Sweetwater : Josiah formed a small one made up of a few men and his two wives after apparently leaving Mormonism in Utah. His men are unhappy they don't have wives of their own as he promised them yet though. The Order of the Coagula from Get Out.

Its elderly white members seek immortality by transplanting their brains into younger, healthier African American bodies. The Sisterhood of Night : The Sisterhood is accused of being one in the news media based on the accusations made against them. The Endless revolves around two brothers, Justin and Aaron, who escaped what was described as a UFO death cult ten years earlier.

When Aaron receives a tape from the cult that seems to indicate that they didn't kill themselves yet but might be about to do so now, the two decide to go to visit the group one last time. The commune seems a bit more sane than expected, and it eventually turns out that the version Justin has been telling the world and Aaron included lies to make the group sound bad. At the same time, there's definitely something strange going on in the area — something supernatural, but that might be seen as justifying the group's beliefs just as easily as indicating there's something wrong.

Ultimately, it turns out Justin wasn't all that wrong when the thought there was something sinister going on and he needed to make up excuses to get them out of there: the group isn't suicidal in the normal sense, but they're caught in a long, inescapable "Groundhog Day" Loop at the end of which they always die and start again. Thou Shalt Not Kill Except : The main antagonists are a cult on a killing spree.

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers : The main antagonists are a cult that stems to Ancient Egypt and worships chainsaws. The Silence : The main human antagonists are the Hushed, a doomsday Christian cult that believes the vesps to be a punishment from God unto a sinful world and that ritualistically removes its members' tongues. Teenaged Evie is drawn into a cult led by a scruffy would-be musician named Russell. Russell lords it over a ragged collection of young women who worship him and sexually service him.

The cult led by L. Bob Rife an apparent portmanteau of Ross Perot and L. In Guards! The War Against the Chtorr. The renegades led by Jason Delandro, who worship the alien invaders. The young adult book Leaving Fishers is about a cult with high-schoolers. They claim to be a religious group, but their methods are clearly abusive. One character tells a cult-investigation group about them, and learns Fishers meets every single trait of cults.

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When you get closer to its core membership, The Sharing in Animorphs is constructed much more like a cult than the all-ages scouting program it pretends to be. Of course, its actually a recruitment method for the Yeerks , but this is part of the way they lure people in. Subverted in Maggody and the Moonbeams , where a reclusive all-female Christian sect is actually a front for a group of battered women in hiding, whose members are being exploited for cheap manual labor by their corrupt leader. Petaybee : Shepherd Howling leads a doomsday cult that encourages pedophilia and other interesting forms of child abuse.

The Mysteries from Elantris are a cult that spun off from the benign Jesk religion- where Jesk worships a Force-esque life energy called the Dor, followers of the Mysteries seek to manipulate it to their advantage. The Mysteries is characterized by secrecy and bizarre rites that sometimes involve Human Sacrifice - as such, it's not very popular and tends to exist only in small, secretive groups. A rare positively portrayed example in Octavia Butler 's Parable series. The main character, Lauren Olamina, starts a cult called Earthseed which believes that God is change.

They are persecuted by the Christian America sect, which probably fits more of the cult stereotypes. In Bumped there is a Christian cult called Goodside. They are more or less like Amish people 20 Minutes into the Future.

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Whether or not it really is a cult depends largely on the reader's perspective, although parts of the latter book told by members of God's Gardeners provide a more nuanced view. Black Lotus in the Sano Ichiro series.

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Doctor Who Expanded Universe : Doctor Who , of all things, has a spinoff relating to a cult of madmen worshipping paradox itself - Faction Paradox. There is also a New Doctor Who book, entitled Night of the Humans , which features a cult based around a horrible picture of a clown. The whole book is, essentially, a very paranoid and more than slightly creepy rant about religion but specifically Christianity. The book's entire message is, literally, "Be very very afraid of what I imagine religion to be ".

The followers of R'hllor in A Song of Ice and Fire throw people into fires as sacrifices and claim to see visions in fires. However the Ironborn are quite similar to R'hllor worshipers. The Ironborn worship the Drowned God, and drowning people to the sea is an acceptable act of sacrifice to their god. Also the worshipers of the Old Gods use to conduct human sacrifices to the Godswoods.

The second novel in Taylor Stevens' Vanessa Michael Munroe series, The Innocent has Munroe infiltrating a cult called the Chosen of God to rescue a child who was forced into its ranks eight years earlier, and has since been subjected to brainwashing and repeated sexual abuse. This cult is a thinly veiled Expy of the Children of God, which Stevens herself was born into and escaped from, after which she completed her education and turned to thriller writing. Agnes loves the cult, meanwhile her cousin Honey rebels against its strict rules.

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Their grandmother, Nana Pete, who isn't in the cult, takes them away from the cult when Emmanuel refuses to send Agnes' seriously injured brother to the hospital. The book is based in the author's childhood experiences in a cult. They have a fortified and armed compound in the middle of the Australian outback, where they further brainwash the most intelligent children of cult members. This compound is destroyed at the end of the book. Although the main character is a True Believer, she's also intelligent and insightful enough to recognise that, while the cult's founder her grandfather is obviously the Chosen of God, he's also a bit of an old rogue.

It turns out he's much more of a rogue than she imagined, while at the same time less of a fraud than the reader might expect. He really did have a religious experience, and devoted the rest of his life to figuring out what it meant. It's her brother who wants to turn it into a Scam Religion.

Several in the comic neo-noir Get Blank. The Society of the Meek Ones in Scorpius is a mish-mash of various religious doctrines, and its true purpose is to produce suicide bombers for profit. The Belgariad has the Bear-Cult, which is a schismatic offshoot of the Alorn Church, mostly focused on being manipulated by whichever villain is in the area that week. Its tenets range from the harmlessly ridiculous - wearing bear-skins and staggering drunkenly about the woods is a common manifestation of their faith - to a much less entertaining vein of overt racism; based on an ambiguous phrase in Belar's holy book, they believe the Alorns have to lead the other nations into the war with the Angaraks by subjugation, a plan which would embroil the West in a massive war and leave it wide open for Torak to conquer most of the world.

Most of the characters treat Bear-Cultists as morons who are dangerous mostly because they're too stupid and ill-informed to know how counterproductive their approach would actually be. Barak : A good Bear-Cultist isn't thinking about fighting Angaraks, because all of his attention is focused on subduing Sendaria, Arendia, Tolnedra, Nyissa and Maragor. Durnik : Maragor doesn't even exist any more.