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It was sung by the wonderful, late Eddie Butcher who surely should have his own statue in the middle of Magilligan by now!

It's a night-visit song where the boy obtains the girl through a bit of blackmail! When a man's in love he knows no cold Like me not long ago. To see his girl like a hero bold, He'll plough through frost and snow. The moon she'd gently shed her light Along me weary way, Until I came to that sweet place Where all my treasure lay. When a man's in love he feels no cold, Like me not long ago, Like a hero bold, to see his girl, He'll plough through frost and snow.

The moon she gently shed her light Along my dreary way, Until I came to that sweet spot Where all my treasure lay. Her breath was sweet, her hands was neat, Her tongue did gently glide, As I gave her a kiss and I surely didn't miss And I asked to be my bride. Her hand was soft and her breath was sweet, Her tongue did gently glide, I stole a kiss, it was no miss, And I asked her to be my bride. Take me to your bedroom, dear, To rest my weary head. You never once said you'd be my bride So now my love be still.

Tomorrow I am going to cross the sea To far Newfoundland shore, And you will never, never see Your faithful lover no more. Tonight our courtship is at an end Between my love and me, So fare you well, my favourite girl, A long farewell to thee. Whatever shall I do? I'll break every bond of love, My darling to please you. Perhaps my parents may forgive Or surely may forget, But I'm resolved this very hour To take you to my bed.

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Pray what can I do? Or browse results titled :. Jessica Allossery. Jessica is a songstress near Toronto, Canada. Recognized as the passionate free-spirited girl next door with her sweet voice and raw acoustic style, she taught herself guitar and has always felt it in her heart to pursue her love of music.

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For My Love by Kesang Marstrand. The song is something of a masterpiece, but it seems to have dropped right out of tradition after Bell noted it, apparently in the opening years of the nineteenth century.

My Love Will Never Die - Claire Wyndham (LYRICS)

There's nothing in the text of the song that attaches to the miner's calling. Bell gives no tune for it, so I have fitted one.

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There's another verse to this piece, passionate and scatological. Rather to my own surprise I find myself too prudish to sing it, though I'm impressed by its intensity. She noted:. Lloyd was a founder member of Topic Records.

Lloyd which before the days of online access to anything, was shown to me by Malcolm Taylor in the Vaughan Williams Memorial library at Cecil Sharp House, many many moons ago.