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The Windows-based PlantFLOW is Rebis' software solution for calculation of steady state pressures, flow velocities and temperatures in gas or liquid piping networks used to size pipes, balance flows, select equipment, and evaluate different valve scenarios. Also included is the ability to visualize system performance problems that exceed user-specified criteria through color-coded graphics and pop-up data windows, as an alternative to manual review of output reports.

By graphically selecting a range of points, with one command the user clicks on the model in order to make global changes to pipe diameters, valve loss, pipe roughness and other parameters, or check differences in pressure, velocity or temperature between any two points.

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Author links open overlay panel Yuhong Wang a 1 Kevin Cullinane b. Abstract The proliferation of hub-and-spoke operations in maritime container transportation has resulted in the widespread consolidation of traffic flows.

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