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Flygonmaster Sorry for the disappoint. Is this comic still alive?

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Oh, and BTW, I love how you left it at 9 comics. Garaanz Page 6 : Just Dandy.

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I like Touhou a lot, and I like your comic too! These effects are awesome! It's based on Memories of Phantasm animation, right?

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Samurai pizza hedgehog Sorry for the disappoint. Rage Sorry for the disappoint.

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Cavalli Page 6 : Just Dandy. I'm going to make comics too, so uh Expect different comics every now and then. If Rage approves, my pages will be posted. Rage Page 6 : Just Dandy. CarnageRulez : A wha? Your banner is a clash of Hadoukens, Mine is the division between the Netherworld and the Real World.

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It also shows the moon separating them. Opus Arise Vancouver, British Columbia. Contact Opus Arise. Streaming and Download help. If you like Opus Arise, you may also like:.

So there IS still a vital and creative music scene in Italy! Great stuff! Strange stuff!

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Excellent stuff! Sal Pichireddu. One is a bewildering historical view of memories as dynamic patterns in fleeting animal spirits, nervous fluids which rummage through the pores of brain and body. The other is new connectionism, in which memories are 'stored' only superpositionally, and reconstructed rather than reproduced.

Both models, argues John Sutton, depart from static archival metaphors by employing distributed representation, which brings interference and confusion between memory traces. Both raise urgent issues about control of the personal past, and about relations between self and body.

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Sutton demonstrates the role of bizarre body fluids in moral physiology, as philosophers from Descartes and Locke to Coleridge struggled to control their own innards and impose cognitive discipline on 'the phantasmal chaos of association'. Going on to defend connectionism against Fodor and against critics of passive mental representations, he shows how problems of the self are implicated in cognitive science. AB - Philosophy and memory traces defends two theories of autobiographical memory.