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Sencha Touch Tutorial (2 Courses)

Installed on the vast majority of existing smartphones, Android is often considered to be the best OS when it comes to building custom mobile apps. Many developers prefer Android as it is highly customisable and has a large community ready to help and provide useful information. Android also has many integrated tools that help enhance the efficiency of an app while reducing the number of actions that need to be taken to perform a task.

Still, choosing the right Android framework for app development is not easy due to a large number of different options available. To lend you a helping hand, we have created a comprehensive list of 14 best Android frameworks that can make the app development process fast and easy.

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These frameworks help in reducing the effort that developers put in by boosting productivity and offering technology solutions to handle complex tasks. Before we start, it is important to note that we categorize 14 top Android frameworks by their capabilities. Unity is known as the best Android development framework for development of multi-platform 2D, 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality games as well as other simulations. Developed by Unity Technologies , this game engine comes in free and professional editions.

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Unity is a cross-platform framework that and enables game developers to export their games to multiple platforms, like iOS, Web, PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, and more. Being a physics engine, it can control the behavior of different game objects, lighting rendering, momentum, and graphic elements.

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All in all, It is an easy-to-use platform that allows game developers to create amazing content and a strong connection with the audience. In other words, the platform is a great choice for interactive experiences. Originated in the minds of JetBrains , Kotlin is a statically-typed, modern programming language solution for Android that combines the features functional and object-oriented programming.

In many scenarios, it is considered as a replacement for Java as it significantly streamlines the development process. Many programmers have adopted Kotlin as their primary language for Android. Application developed with Kotlin also run as fast as the ones created with Java as they share a similar bytecode structure. In the recent Stack Overflow developer survey, Kotlin was ranked as the fourth most loved programming language.

In , many of the large enterprises are planning to move or are in the process of moving to Kotlin. Since its launch, Kotlin has proved itself as a highly intuitive platform for Android app development. Developed in , Corona SDK is a perfect software development kit for building speedy apps and games. This general-purpose, cross-platform framework enables 10x faster development than other Android app frameworks.

Highly popular among game developers, Corona is free and available both Mac OS X and Windows, with real-time testing support. In addition, the framework has native UI support, over APIs, and a dynamic advertising platform built for developers. Its API suite features is feature-rich, with graphics, networking, widgets, particle effects, and more.

Simple to understand and integrate into Android, Corona SDK has gained notable popularity among Android app developers. Sencha Touch comes with nearly 50 built-in UI components and native themes, enabling developers create engrossing and eye-catching apps. The framework utilizes hardware acceleration techniques, so the apps created with its help exhibit high performance. Big companies choose Sencha Touch due its high-level compatibility and flexibility, responsive touch features, and fast execution.

Apps built using Sencha Touch are rich in fluid animations, smooth scrolling, and are highly adaptive. Its huge collection of themes, enriched UI, integrated MVC system, and a vast data package makes Sencha Touch the leading Android application development framework. Powered by HTML5, TheAppBuilder is an app building framework that supports a codeless user interface, which means users do not need to know how to code in any language to create a solid app.

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Plus, with its drag-and-drop interface, developers can build applications really quickly. The framework comes with pre-built blocks which include features like feedback, content updates, polls, push notifications, and much more. Android app development framework also got traction from users because it allows them to submit their apps directly to Google Play and boasts social network integration. Plus, it generates analytics reports, so users could identify the issues that slow down their apps. In most cases, businesses use TheAppBuilder to cut costs. SproutCore is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing blazing fast applications with advanced features.

Developed by Apple , this HTML5-driven framework offers users a clear MVC design that enables performance optimization and scalability for applications. Unlike other JavaScript libraries, SproutCore comes with a complete set of tools required to build a desktop-like application in a browser, including routing, UI components, testing and deployment tools. With more than 50, items in the toolset, maintainable application code, and well thought out business logic behind it, SproutCore has become a top framework for Android app development.

These features, when combined, provide a rock-solid foundation for building feature-packed, high-performance applications. Backed by Facebook , React Native is a powerful open-source framework that offers ample support to other development tools and their IDEs. It is based on React, a JS library for web solutions. Companies like Instagram, Walmart, Airbnb, Tesla, as well as many other Fortune companies, use the framework to develop native mobile apps. As most of the React Native APIs are cross-platform, developers can write code once and then run it anywhere, which improves development speed and helps cut costs.

React Native uses building blocks similar to the ones employed in most Android development frameworks. With the hot-reload option in React Native, developers can link updated files while retaining the current state of the app. Google Trends indicate that the framework has been gaining more and more traction in the past few years. As of today, around developers have used this framework. Thank you, EduCBA for providing such courses. The videos are very easy to understand. There are numbers of the website providing online courses but eduCBA is a unique website who provides relevant content and there are many factors such as content, quality of videos which makes this website best.

The course content is very short and precise but it provides all the basic information related to the app development procedure. This Sencha Touch Tutorial course is designed in such a way that the learner can learn the process of developing universal apps in a very short time, It basically provides the information about the methodology used in app development and how to use the Sencha Touch for developing apps.

Sencha Touch 2: Up and Running

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Getting started with Sencha touch setup: 2. Understanding Sencha Here we cover every aspect of the framework by learning — Creating Dependencies to run Applications — Creating a new application and visualizing data with charts and how to build applications for mobile users. Creating Menu This chapter focus on explaining layouts and buttons. Data retrieved Server Here you are going to touch the data connectivity side. Adding more functionality A brief look at the -Products in items in application n — on every step, functionality is highlighted by Adding more functions to the user view -Adding button to user view and menus -creating a user controller with web apps.

To whom this Sencha Touch Tutorial is useful? This Sencha Touch Tutorial is beneficial for web developers, mobile app developers. What are the system requirements needed for Sencha Touch Tutorial? How many hours will be required to complete this training? Why should I take the Sencha touch course?

What is the advantage of Sencha Touch Tutorial? Helpful in developments of Sencha touch, advanced themes application, Building rich UI mobile. Muzammil Shaikh.