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Nov 01, Ashleigh rated it it was amazing. Watson and Sherlock, sitting in a tree. Nov 22, An-Nisa Nur'aini rated it liked it. Plus, that moment when Watson was thrown a bone. Aug 03, Helen Hnin Oo Lwin rated it really liked it Shelves: books , sherlock-holmes , mystery-suspense. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I still don't understand why didn't he just killed Garrideb. I mean, he is already a killer. He even shot Watson. He could have just killed Garrideb but no, he had to make up an elaborate back story and put an advertisement in the newspaper.

That's just way too dramatic. This is much more similar to the earlier Sherlock Holmes stories of villains using puzzling schemes in order to accomplish their nefarious plans. Fans of the Holmes and Watson friendship will especially enjoy the ending of this tale. Jul 27, Maddie rated it it was amazing.

Similar to the Red Headed League; always great! A case involving an unusual name. Clever and entertaining.

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May 18, Roberto Mattos rated it really liked it. In this story, Holmes receives a letter from a Nathan Garrideb of Little Ryder Street,[2] asking for help in a most peculiar quest. He has been approached by another man, John Garrideb of Kansas, who says that he needs to find others with the same last name.

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Garrideb, who claims to be a lawyer, spins a ridiculous story about Alexander Hamilton Garrideb, a millionaire land tycoon he met in Kansas. He came to England to seek out people with the name, having failed in his own country. So far, he has found only Nathan. During the interview, Holmes detects many discrepancies in John Garrideb's story, ranging from the time he has spent in London being obviously longer than he claims and his knowledge of a completely fictitious mayor of the town where Garrideb claims to have lived in before coming to England, but decides not to confront him.

This piques Holmes' interest, and he decides to contact Nathan Garrideb to investigate further. It has obviously been there for years; so Holmes concludes that Garrideb is at least his true surname. It turns out that Nathan Garrideb is an elderly eccentric who collects everything from ancient coins to old bones.

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Garrideb's rooms look like a small museum. He is obviously a serious collector, but has nothing of great value in his collection.

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Holmes finds out that John Garrideb has never asked for any money, nor has he suggested any course of action. Nathan Garrideb has no reason, it seems, to be suspicious of John Garrideb. This puzzles Holmes. During Holmes's and Watson's visit, John Garrideb arrives in a most jolly mood. He has apparently found a third Garrideb, as proof of which he shows a newspaper advertisement purportedly placed by a Howard Garrideb in the course of his everyday business. Holmes sees instantly that John Garrideb has placed the advertisement himself from various Americanisms in the spelling and wording.

Despite Nathan Garrideb's objections — for he is a man who very seldom goes out, much less travels — John Garrideb insists that Nathan go to Birmingham and meet this Howard Garrideb. It has now become clear to Holmes what the "rigmarole of lies" is all about.

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John Garrideb wants Nathan Garrideb to be out of his rooms for a while. The next day brings fresh information. In London, he killed Rodger Presbury, Chicago forger whose description matches the former occupant of Nathan Garrideb's room. Holmes and Watson go to Garrideb's home armed with revolvers.

They do not have to wait long before Winter shows up. From their hiding place, Holmes and Watson see the criminal use a "jemmy" to open a trapdoor revealing a little cellar. They capture Winter, but not before he manages to shoot twice, striking Watson in the leg. For once, Holmes shows his human side; he is distraught over Watson's injury, and strikes Winter on the head with the butt of a gun hard enough to draw blood, vowing that the villain would have never left the rooms alive if he had killed Watson.

Fortunately, Watson's wound is superficial. The little cellar contains a printing press and stacks of counterfeit banknotes, hidden there by Presbury, the man that Winter killed. Winter is sent back to prison. Nathan Garrideb ends up in a nursing home, so great is his disappointment, but many CID men are pleased that Presbury's equipment has at last been found.

Watson seems the happiest at the adventure's outcome despite being hurt, declaring "It was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. Another excellent plot, I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that love a very well written mystery book featuring Mr.

Sherlock Holmes. This is Arthur Conan Doyle at his best - a weird mystery more in the vein of stories like The Red-Headed League, which ranks highly in my list of favorite Sherlock tales, than that of more obvious criminal affairs. To read this will be a particularly refreshing experience if you follow the order of the newer editions of "The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes", as the two preceding stories consist of a fairly underwhelming tale that failed to surprise me despite its fantastic and promising title "The This is Arthur Conan Doyle at his best - a weird mystery more in the vein of stories like The Red-Headed League, which ranks highly in my list of favorite Sherlock tales, than that of more obvious criminal affairs.

John Watson is trying so very hard to do the right thing. First he's got to figure out what that means. Sherlock finds a solution for John's winter blues. Warning for depression and unhealthy self-talk. A bit of a snog. Warmth spread through Sherlock, spilling from his heart and bleeding to the very tips of his fingers.

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It was a feeling he got very often now, between being around John nearly all the time and caring for Rosie; but the name for it had been lost, buried under shame, guilt, and grief. Sherlock has one mission: to protect John at all costs and ensure that justice is served to those who hurt him.

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But how can he when Mary has escaped right under his nose, and Jim Moriarty is still no where to be found? Five times when Sherlock and John ate together, and one time they didn't. A history of the boys, in food. When this career did not prove successful, Doyle started writing stories. In addition to the popular Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels, Doyle also wrote historical novels, romances, and plays. Read more Read less. No customer reviews.

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Three Garridebs

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