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His falls were starting to happen much more frequently. We knew his cognitive ability continued to decline, his ability to make basic decisions for his own comfort and safety decisions like to wear a coat, hat and gloves when the temperature was below zero was fading away. His need for more and more prompting to perform the most basic of the activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, or even eating, increased at an accelerating pace.

And then, the delusions. It was this story that triggered the nursing staff at his assisted-living facility to alert the administrators and the administrators to call a meeting with me his Power of Attorney and my wife, Carmen, his primary caregiver. Time…time…it was time. Time to move Dad, yet again. This time he would be moving to Hickory Hall, otherwise known as the memory center.

I scheduled a call with my siblings to talk over the plan. At the advice of staff, we would tell him Wednesday morning, I would take him out of his apartment, Carmen would pack what things he could take, movers would come, and when the room was ready, he and I would take that dreaded walk to Hickory Hall. The Day. As the grey Indiana morning light began to dimly light our room, we realized the freezing rain predicted the night before was indeed here. School closings, traffic accidents, and meteorologists filled our morning news.

After steeling ourselves for yet one more difficult conversation with Dad, the move was postponed a day. Another day and night to dwell on the upcoming conversation and the second guesses. The move would now be Thursday. The day Carmen and I were to be going to dinner at our favorite restaurant and then enjoying the Art Garfunkel concert. My god, we were going to be exhausted. No way to get refunds at this late date. Wednesday evening we set out clothes for working through the move, and another set to wear to dinner and the concert.

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The next morning was not much better, but at least the roads at least were clear. As I tried to get in a couple hours of work before our appointment at the retirement center, I noticed a car stopped in our driveway just outside the gate. Carmen donned her coat, hat and gloves to slip-slide her way down the gravel drive hey, I said the roads were clear, our driveway, however, was still a sheet of ice. It turns out the woman had hit the ginormous pothole a couple blocks north of our house. Her front right tire was flat and the rim bent beyond recognition. She had called a tow truck.

Well, at least it was a distraction. Some time later, I saw another car pull into the opposite end of our U-shaped drive and navigate around to the gated side. He collected her wheel covers from down the street, talked with her for a bit and then proceeded to back out the full length of the drive, running over one of the driveway markers in the process.

The Sounds of Silence

Finally, the tow truck arrived…and parked in our yard ugh! Two hours after first pulling into our drive, everyone was gone, leaving behind the two wheel covers the husband had retrieved. The distraction gone, it was time to head across town. The conversation with Dad lasted about 30 minutes. He debated as he had in the past. The bitch about this disease is because the cognitive abilities and executive functioning are so degraded the afflicted person does not have the ability to understand they are sick.

The Sounds of Silence: Inferences from the Absence of Word‐of‐Mouth

In the four or five years Dad has been battling this, only once has he acknowledged he has any sort of problem. The way I describe the difference in this move and the one 18 months ago is this. I was able to use that frustration to be stern with him as I told him he had to move. THIS time however, all I felt was heartbreak.

It was all I could do to remain strong, yet compassionate; remain firm, yet empathetic. Hell, it was all I could do to keep from crying. After the conversation, we helped Dad finish getting dressed and I took him down for his morning meds and to occupy him for the next five or six hours.

Carmen had about two hours to get his belongings packed and the furniture marked before the staff would arrive to relocate what things he could take with him. Looking around the apartment, I had no idea how she was going to accomplish it. Who am I kidding? After dinner, sit back and listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky. Not available for children 9 years and under.

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