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Handbell Handbells. Jazz Big band Jazz combo Jazz quartet Jazz trio. Latin Mariachi band Salsa band. Orff Orff ensemble. Percussion Drum corps Orff ensemble Percussion ensemble Percussion ensemble pitched Percussion ensemble unpitched. Music by type Original composition Arrangement Transcription Other e. Home Instrumentations Solo instrument Spanish Flea. Problem detected! Javascript disabled Your web browser appears to currently have javascript disabled. Ready to print You have already purchased this music, but not yet printed it.

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This score is free! This score is available free of charge. Which method of viewing music should I use? Both have advantages and disadvantages: seView seView, is the most compatible option. You do not need to install any additional software to use seView. Scorch Scorch is a free plug-in from Avid for displaying and printing music. Static preview The static preview shows a basic image of the first page. Interactive preview The interactive preview also shows a preview of the first page, but it's a bit slower to load. Printing after purchase After you have purchased this item the Cloud Publishing technology is utilised to provide the printing mechanism for the music.

For a higher quality preview, change to the Interactive preview tab. Not just for trumpet players! See pics for details of how the solos appear in print. Improvise with today's top artists! Includes: Play-along cd, 12 tunes for solo or group playing, written charts for every track, rhythm overview for every track, harmonic ideas for improvisation and variety of tempos, grooves and keys. Suitable for Clar.

The piece would also be suitable for any Bb brass instrument. Authorized Dealer: Musical Progressions. Book includes access to online recordings of fully orchestrated backing tracks to play along with via streaming or download!. With easy-to-read lead sheets and other split-track choices on the included CD, these first-of-a-kind packages will bring your local blues jam right into your house! Each song on the CD includes two tracks: a full stereo mix, and a split track mix with removable guitar, bass and piano parts.

Solos appropriate for advanced high school or college players, this collection presents staples of the standard trumpet literature. With separate pull out trumpet part. This book of jazz scales will develop the skills required in playing jazz. It introduces patterns characteristic of the idiom, such as modes, the blues scale and the minor pentatonic.

It explores these on roots and in keys commonly found in jazz. Play the recognizable riffs from 30 stand-out hits in instrumental solo arrangements. With easy-to-read lead sheets, and other split-track choices on the included CD, these first-of-a-kind packages will bring your local blues jam right into your house! Each song on the CD includes two tracks: a full stereo mix, and a split track mix with removable guitar, bass, piano, and harp parts. I Used to Play Trumpet is a new book for adults looking to get back into playing the Trumpet.

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If you want to work on your trumpet chops, this is the book for you! These 75 exercises will help you build your endurance and flexibility, challenging you in fun, interesting and methodical ways. Topics covered include: articulation; dynamics; range; breath management; finger and lip flexibility; double and triple tonguing; scales; arpeggios; and more!. Eric Ewazen is a prolific composer whose works are becoming standard repertoire for not only trumpet players but also for brass quintets, soloists, and wind ensembles alike.

It was premiered by Chris Gekker, trumpet soloist in Bloomington, Indiana. CD includes audio instruction as well as demo tracks with background accompaniments. This Blues Volume includes 2 CDs and is the nucleus of the entire method. Know Before You Blow Blues provides the basic beginnings for any student of jazz who wants to advance to the next level. The Trumpet Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily.

Just follow the printed music, listen to the sound-alike recordings and hear how the trumpet should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The price of the book includes access to audio tracks online for streaming or download using the unique code inside the book. A collection of 32 fun-to-play familiar melodies for the beginning instrumentalist from all the classical eras.

Ready to take your trumpet playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that trumpeters of all levels can benefit from, spanning classical to rock music, and everything in between. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: techniques, articulation, tone production, soloing, exercises, special effects, equipment, performance, maintenance and much more.

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For Flute. B-Flat Trumpet sheet music. Instrumental Play-Along for Trumpet. Violin sheet music. Instrumental Play-Along for Violin. For Violin.

Spanish Flea for six trumpets by Valter Valerio & Paolo Trettel