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Some of the websites included here are better suited for particular Spanish ability levels. But there are also ways to alter your reading experience, regardless of which story you choose. Here are some ideas for each ability level:. When reading the Spanish version, try to seek out Spanish-English cognates and other familiar words, which will help you connect the Spanish version to the English one.

Alternatively, beginning learners might choose to open both the English and Spanish texts side-by-side, looking back and forth as much as they need to. This method will encourage you to use context clues and dig deep in your vocabulary memory to figure out the meaning. Before looking at the translation, write a few sentences about what happened in the text.

Read in Spanish: 30+ Resources for Spanish Reading Practice (Beginner to Intermediate)

This can be in Spanish, too, for extra writing practice! Other sites use scripted content. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. FluentU has a wide variety of videos—topics like soccer, TV shows, business, movies and even magical realism, as you can see here:. FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive transcripts.

Other Spanish resources, courses and alternatives to books

You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used. Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab. What The Spanish Experiment lacks in breadth, it makes up in quality. Each of the stories is beautifully written and comes with a multitude of features so you can play around with your reading experience. Each story is presented in Spanish. The translation of each paragraph remains hidden until you want to see it, which can be great for learners trying to flex their memorization and vocab muscles.

The Spanish Experiment also offers high-quality audio to accompany each story and includes videos on a few of them. Or, click on the subtitles to pull up a full interactive transcript of the story.

Spanish for kids – Learn Spanish with "La Ratita Presumida"

Due to the fact that most English speakers will be familiar with these fairy tales and fables, this website is especially well-suited to beginner learners. Snappy Spanish is great for on-the-go learners who only have a few minutes each day to devote to language-learning. Each of their stories is meant to be read in five minutes or less.

Instead, these stories are more like what you might find in a Spanish textbook: short, original stories about a variety of topics. While that means that these stories are less immediately accessible than more well-known stories, it also has some advantages. Plus, these stories touch upon a wider variety of vocabulary and include more verb tenses than you could expect to find in a typical fairy tale. This makes it easy for readers to check themselves as they read. According to their website, Snappy Spanish plans to release an app soon, which will include even more content and will allow readers to take their stories with them to-go.

Stay tuned! Some people say that if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself. This charmingly home-grown website is a labor of love by one enthusiastic linguist and translator.

Bilingual Spanish children's stories with audio | The Fable Cottage

The owner of the website has painstakingly matched Spanish and English translations of literary classics. Jekyll and Mr. This kind, anonymous soul has also taken the time to color-code each translation to make it easier to follow. Certain sentences, which are metaphorical, literary or otherwise tricky have been highlighted in color and matched with the same sentence in the translation. This is a godsend for readers who struggle with non-literal Spanish phrases. Of course, the self-styled nature of the website has its drawbacks.

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Some works are incomplete. The tales tell of a world with crocodiles that smoke Paraguayan cigarettes and parrots that have tigers over for tea. With these short and simple stories, you will find yourself entertained and slowly exposed to new vocabulary. This book was originally written in French and its sweet story has been retold around the globe.

This is a great book for new language learners because it takes place with a simple dialogue set in the past tense. This makes it easy to study for students who are just beginning to focus their efforts. Although this book was originally written in Portuguese, its Spanish translation became an international bestseller.

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The book tells the story of a young shepherd in Spain who goes on a quest after receiving the same dream night after night. This makes the story as much of a self-help book as it is a literature one. You will find the language and grammar easy to understand and the story touching. This collection of tales is enjoyable and has a nice range of vocabulary meant to challenge beginning Spanish speakers. The plots of these tales will keep you entertained and each story has a quiz after that will help test how much of the story you comprehended.

This book includes 32 super entertaining short stories. Most of the verbs and tenses are explained with the click of a button. The Gritty Spanish Beginnings ebook will give you great Spanish reading practice. Penguin Publishing put together this collection of eight short stories written by a variety of famous Spanish authors.

Unlike the other stories on this list, this collection is a bit more advanced.

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But the book is set up to have a Spanish translation on the left-hand page and an English translation on the right. This allows you to read the story in both languages at the same time to understand more. Easy Spanish Reader another great book! One of the best ways to get a better handle on Spanish is through reading.

Download: Learn Spanish with Stories for Beginners Volume 1

It contains fables and nursery rhymes that compliment each other. You will find yourself intrigued by the funny stories in this book and inspired by the beautiful illustrations. You will also love feeling like you are a part of the Columbian culture by learning some of their most popular folklore. The protagonist is a six-year-old girl who deals with socio-political issues as she explores global injustices. You will find this comic strip is full of amusing characters and stereotypes that make commentary on all parts of Latin American life.

This book is a psychological thriller written in by an Argentinian author named Ernesto Sabato. The story was very popular when it came out and was later adapted both for the stage and as a major motion picture. The plot tells the story of a man named Juan Pablo Castel.