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The Thieves Labyrinth is a dazzling Victorian entertainment - a gripping, richly atmospheric murder mystery. Seller Inventory AWC Book Description Macmillan , London, Seller Inventory Book Description Pan Macmillan, Rapidly dispatched worldwide from our clean, automated UK warehouse within working days. Seller Inventory mon Book Description Pan, Brand new copy. Dispatched within 24 hours of receiving the order.

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Synopsis About this title A death on Waterloo bridge, a body in the river near Wapping, a lady robbed on Wych Street — all common enough daily incidents in early Victorian London. Review : 'The superbly drawn Victorian London setting is brimming with atmosphere in this vintage detective story as ex-copper George Williamson finds himself in a labyrinth of murder and crime.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Adolf Eichmann is held responsible for transporting the Jews to their deaths at concentration camps. After the war was over higher up Nazi troops fled the nation to prevent the Allied Nations from capturing them. Eichmann fled across the ocean and changed his name to keep his location and identity a secret.

All this time and suspense searching for Adolf, with trial and error have they lost their man or went for a decoy? Today many survivors share their fascinating stories about how they survived this crisis, but no one can tell the story of how justice was served like these people.

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I read this book because I am very interested in World War II and the secrets and hidden knowledge behind it. Dec 21, Marjorie Ingall rated it it was amazing. What I wrote in Tablet magazine: But I had no clue what a twisting, nail-biting endeavor his discovery and capture were, with many near-misses and almost-disasters. What I'd add now: WHY is this getting no awards buzz?

It's freaking masterful research and pacing, and the writing's way better than some of the other books being bruited about. But that was not the book Bascomb chose to write. The book he DID write stands on its own spectacularly. Aug 11, Ricki rated it really liked it Shelves: Adolf Eichmann was one of the world's most notorious Nazis as the head of operations for the Nazis' Final Solution. Essentially, he organized the transportation of the Jewish people to ghettos and concentration camps. This work of narrative nonfiction begins with the background of Eichmann's role in the genocide.

Then, in , Eichmann disappeared from Germany and went into hiding. Due to the bravery of more than a dozen individuals, Eichmann is captured and put on trial for the world to view. This is an excellently researched work of nonfiction. I was amazed at the number of intricate details that went into the investigation and capture of this criminal. At times, I had to slap myself when I felt pity for Eichmann, as I tend to search for the humanity in murderers.

Bascomb doesn't glorify the detailshis account is genuine and based on numerous interviews of individuals who were connected to this hunt. I tend to become easily disengaged when I read nonfiction, but this book kept me hooked, as I wanted to read more about the courage and bravery of the Nazi Hunters.

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  • I highly recommend this book. View all 3 comments. Feb 15, Caitlin rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a really well done teen version of Hunting Eichmann: The author follows the story of the Israeli team which found Eichmann in Argentina and kidnapped him so that he could face trial in Israel for the murder of millions of Jews. Arendt's This is a really well done teen version of Hunting Eichmann: Arendt's view of Eichmann is unreservedly that he was such a ridiculous fool that he's more disturbing than monstrous.

    It was interesting to see that the Israeli team felt so disturbed by him and in much the same way as Arendt but without her level of contempt.

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    The book was structured very well and the whole story felt more like reading a spy thriller than a historical account, which made it very exciting and one that I think teens could get excited about reading. There are plenty of photographs illustrating the different parts of the story and I had a really difficult time putting it down once I'd started. I'd certainly recommend it to any teens who get into true spy or thriller stories! Nov 04, Daniel Langguth rated it really liked it.

    The book is about a spy mission from the story of the Holocaust, the survivors of the Holocaust form a group to hunt down and bring to trial Adolf Eichmann. Eichmann was responsible for the killings of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

    Eichmann escapes and fled to Argentina. The book to me is really about a group of spies and Holocaust survivors coming together with a common cause to hunt down and deliver justice to Adolf Ei The book I will be reviewing is The Zazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb. The book to me is really about a group of spies and Holocaust survivors coming together with a common cause to hunt down and deliver justice to Adolf Eichmann who was responsible for the deaths of many of their family members.

    To me also this book describes the inner struggles between Simon Wiesenthal who helped form the case to track down and hunt Eichmann and the family of Eichmann who wants to help save him. A possible spoiler is in this quote "For the first time in history the Jews will judge their assassins and for the first time the world will hear the annihilation story of an entire people. View all 4 comments. Sep 06, Kyle Cochran rated it really liked it. Nazi Hunters is a great and interesting book about spies who captured one of the most powerful leading Nazi, Adolf Eichmann.

    The spies had to tract Eichmann to the place he was living after the war. They spied on Eichmann for weeks, they practiced how they would grab him and throw him into the car.

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    Soon enough Eichmann was captured and shipped off to Israel for his trial. Eichmann was proven guilty and was sentenced to death, his ashes were thrown in the sea. I enjoyed this book, it was interesti Nazi Hunters is a great and interesting book about spies who captured one of the most powerful leading Nazi, Adolf Eichmann. I enjoyed this book, it was interesting and I learned so much. I really liked how the author gave the time, date, and pictures for the events in the story. The author used a high selection of words and creates a picture in your head.

    I did not like how some events were very slow and took time to lead up to big action scenes. I also did not like that the story was calm, I thought that it would be more intense Oct 28, Mitchell rated it it was amazing. The SS officer Adolf Eichmann was constantly hiding and changing house from country to country.