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Quick word challenge Quiz Review. Wear will it all end? Where will it all end? All of a sudden, the baby began to ball. All of a sudden, the baby began to bawl. Conspiracy theorists who might once have resorted to handing out subway pamphlets and shouting from street corners have found hungry, durable audiences on cable news shows and social networks. And false flag philosophy — the idea that powerful groups stage threats and tragic events to advance their agendas — is now a bizarrely common element of national news stories.

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Merlan said. Conspiracy theories most often rise around fast-moving news events, like mass shootings and bomb threats, in which fuzzy initial reports often give way to more accurate explanations later on. And sometimes, those questioning the most apparent motives turn out to be justified. Last year, a string of bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the United States was thought to be an act of anti-Semitic intimidation until police apprehended a Jewish teenager in Israel , whom they suspected of making the threats.

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The mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was thought to be an anti-L. One appeal of heat-of-the-moment conspiracy theories is that they allow for blame-shifting. Jones as recently as last year. There are structural reasons for the conspiracy theory boom. Social media platforms like YouTube, Reddit and Facebook have allowed fringe thinkers to bypass traditional gatekeepers and reach millions of people directly.

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In addition, the dominance of Fox News and other partisan media outlets has created a flourishing market for conspiracy-driven outrage. And a polarized electorate has eagerly lapped up explanations for major news events that conform to their views.

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  5. The desire for politically convenient explanations is not contained to the right. It is Mr.

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    Trump, of course, who has done more than any other prominent figure to promote or in the case of the racist conspiracy theory about Mr.