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Distributed parameters are typically represented with partial differential equations.

1. Introduction

Rotordynamics is a branch of system dynamics dealing with mechanical devices in which at least one part, usually referred to as rotor, rotates with the angular momentum. Mechanical analysis of hydraulic machinery includes two fields, structural dynamics and rotor dynamics. Structural dynamics is a subset that covers areas of structural behavior subjected to dynamic loading. Rotordynamics is a specialized branch of applied mechanics concerned with the behavior and diagnosis of rotating structures.

Generally, hydraulic excitations that induce vibrations in hydraulic machinery can be categorized as follows:. Flows in pumps or hydraulic turbines are unsteady due to the system rotation, flow instabilities and mutual interactions between rotating and stationary parts. Flow instabilities are mostly viscous phenomena such as boundary layer transition and vortex shedding that produce small amplitude pressure fluctuations at relatively low frequencies.

The unsteadiness of flow caused is important because it leads to fluctuation of power output and affects efficiency. Dynamic analysis can be used to research dynamic displacements, time-history, and modal analysis. A static load is one that does not vary, whereas a dynamic load changes with time.

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However, if it varies quickly, the response must be determined with dynamic analysis. Dynamic analysis for simple structures can be carried out manually, but for complex structures, FEM can be applied to calculate the mode shapes and frequencies. This chapter mainly focuses on the instability of hydraulic turbine system. The stability of pumping system and the nonlinear models of hydraulic turbine system transient in hydro power plants are also introduced.

Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring a condition parameter in machinery, so that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. The use of conditional monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions taken to avoid the consequences of failure before it actually occurs.


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